Women are Medicine – Men are Magic

Another beautiful piece on our retreat by Bev Reeler Something happened at the end of the year in our Women are Medicine workshop at Kufunda. Well many, many things happened……… but the story that stays with me at the end was about the men. Some of the Kufunda men said they wanted to be partContinue reading “Women are Medicine – Men are Magic”

Women are Medicine Retreat.

By Bev Reeler Elder, wise woman and wild soul, Bev wrote a piece on the magic that entered our field during our recent Women Are Medicine at Kufunda in December. I have chosen to include it here. I hope to write more about our time together, but for now this touches the deep spirit ofContinue reading “Women are Medicine Retreat.”

Women Are Medicine

I am returning from a journey. A journey into the mystery and magic of life. I travelled with 25 women (and two children) who all long for a life that is more connected to Mother Earth, to Soul, to the Feminine. Four of us had called the gathering. Our sense was that our gathering wouldContinue reading “Women Are Medicine”

The Women are Gathering

I have recently found myself in several gatherings of women. It has felt like a coming home to a larger family that I have been absent from for too long. As I look back over the course simply of a week, I am left with the sense that we, the women, are coming back together.Continue reading “The Women are Gathering”