The Joy Revolution

Yesterday, thousands upon thousands of Zimbabweans took to the streets to express their desire for Mugabe to step down. Invited by the war veterans to show support for the defence forces and their actions, this was not a typical invitation, and for many Zimbabweans, these are not our typical allies. Which is perhaps part ofContinue reading “The Joy Revolution”

Women are Medicine – Men are Magic

Another beautiful piece on our retreat by Bev Reeler Something happened at the end of the year in our Women are Medicine workshop at Kufunda. Well many, many things happened……… but the story that stays with me at the end was about the men. Some of the Kufunda men said they wanted to be partContinue reading “Women are Medicine – Men are Magic”

Journals from a Soul Dancer

The dance continues – it is now 115 days of dance. Each day another dance, another step into a new experience of being Alive. It has changed my life. I am a different person, woman, body. Weight has been shed, I think it is not only weight, but also emotional density that has loosened andContinue reading “Journals from a Soul Dancer”

Dancing Soul – Day 5

Today I entered into madness. But it came from the music. Such MAD music – it almost scared me. Perhaps because I had to surrender to it. Madness when it arises naturally from within is simply nature expressing – wild nature expressing Wildness. What when I am bombarded by mad music and I recoil inContinue reading “Dancing Soul – Day 5”

Conversations dominated by Mind

Conversations dominated by mind busy busy busy mind dominating everything suddenly it is about convincing the other of my view which is of course the right One Losing balance losing centre blood begins to boil ‘why are you arguing with me?’ ‘why do you not see my point?’ Do we even disagree? finding ourselves arguingContinue reading “Conversations dominated by Mind”