Granite Boulders – the Big Matombos – on our land
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Being held by the unbroken

During the last six weeks I have been assisting on Ya’acov Darling Khan’s Encounter Course – a course to reconnect with our inner Shaman. What a journey it has been.

In it I connected at a deep level with the truth that beneath and beyond the broken parts of each of us, there is the unbroken; the intelligence of life, pulsing, breathing, living. We can learn to soften into that in us, and be held by the unbroken.

Through this journey I have come to appreciate myself a little more – A LOT more. I have realised that my wounds are crucial for the medicine I can bring. I am learning that by weaving together the broken and the unbroken in me, what I bring is real and will be deep medicine. My own healing path is so perfectly suited to contributing to the wounds of this land and so my broken is in fact essential to my work and gift here – as I let it weave with and be held by the unbroken. 🙏

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The Joy Revolution

Yesterday, thousands upon thousands of Zimbabweans took to the streets to express their desire for Mugabe to step down. Invited by the war veterans to show support for the defence forces and their actions, this was not a typical invitation, and for many Zimbabweans, these are not our typical allies. Which is perhaps part of…

I am Dancer

I am Dancer This is who I am First and foremost – I am Dancer Before being woman, mother, lover, community organizer… I am dancer

Letting go of a 1000 day commitment…

I have let go of my 1000 day of dance. Eeek. Yes I have. As I write this I feel my heart beating faster, my face flushing. A part of me is so not okay with this. A part of me wants me to continue the 1000 day commitment. To go ALL the Way. This…

And the dance goes on…

I am two years and a month into my 1000 day dance journey. As the dance has deepened my writing about it has slowed. It was as though I could no longer really find words to express the road I was travelling. So I let them go for a while. What a journey it has…


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