Nurturing my Relationship(s) with all of Life

Yesterday a small group of women spent time in a friend’s garden
We were on a mini-solo
staying with whatever caught our attention in the garden
Being open to nature
is it came to meet and greet us
after the first summer rains

I was astounded at how rich it is
How much is there
Right there where I have stepped
every week for so many weeks
But this was seemingly my first time to Truly see it,
When I finally consciously chose to go and meet the world

I saw the Crested Barbit, the very small lizard, the Chongololos making their way quietly, returned with the rain,
looking as if they had never left;
the log that has been placed for us to sit on,
the myriad colours of green, that were surely there the day before,
but which shone so much brighter after the rain.
The Bourgainvillia and the many many flowers, red, white, orange, yellow, purple
whose names I don’t know;
the beautiful rocks, placed lovingly in a basin of water,
the bird bath glistening in the sun,
the cacti,
the crooked twists of the trunks and branches of the many different trees

It felt like a haven, a miraculous paradise on this earth.

I have often appreciated Bev’s garden
But yesterday I met it in a way I have not before

And I wondered, and I wonder
how much of the gifts and miracles of life
pass me by
as I move through my life
with my awareness turned inward
moving through the stories and the dramas of my own delightful mind 🙂

I am learning something about the quality of Relationships
And that I am in relationship with all of life – not only human beings:
The earth beneath my feet,
The Trees that grow in my garden
The many birds that nest above me, the wind, the rain, the butterflies, the bats, the rocks,

And it is my choice how conscious I wish to be about those relationships

As with all relationships as I engage with them,
I discover new gifts, immense beauty.

I am discovering a world of magic,
Just waiting for me to reach out and touch it

What does it mean to be human?
In a world full of magic
To truly be human in a world full of magic…

I suspect the answer is something so much vaster
than what I have been living until now

Like the unfurling of a new shoot
I open myself and reach out
into a fresh new world


Women are Medicine – Men are Magic

Another beautiful piece on our retreat by Bev Reeler

Something happened at the end of the year in our Women are Medicine workshop at Kufunda.

Well many, many things happened………
but the story that stays with me at the end was about the men.

Some of the Kufunda men said they wanted to be part of this workshop
so they offered to cook for us……………………

A group of young men and boys from the youth group
gathered in the kitchen every day
chopping and laughing and singing to loud music
a different harmony

It was the best food we have ever tasted at Kufunda
and for 4 days, we were nourished by their extraordinary care and generosity


On the closing morning we invited them into the circle
and they stood in the centre
in a circle facing outwards

We welcomed them with a Hopi Indian salute
and the women spoke to them of the gratitude they felt
for the nourishment and care they had given.

Their eyes shone
one of the younger boys shot his fist into the air

Then we asked them to teach us aikido
(for they have been doing it for years now)
to ‘make the cut’……..
to draw our swords and cut our place into the present
cutting away what was no longer helpful and bringing our power into being

Young boys teaching their sisters and wives and grandmothers
how to draw our swords
bringing, with deep focus, our intention in the world

When we were ready we came back to the circle
and as each woman made her cut
there was a young man holding our back

They brought their warriorship
fed us
held the babies

IMG_0240As I drew my sword
a young man 50 years my junior stood behind me
it was an extraordinary experience
some new meeting of energies
combining into a powerful force

Something magic happened
Something that we have never touched
in all years of gender circles
about equality, abuse of women, rape, wife beating
some new energy shifted into place

as they made their cut into the centre of the circle
to ‘hold our backs’
bring their support to this co-creation of feminine and masculine energy
and a new possibility opened up

roll on 2014

Gogo Bev
Gogo Bev

Women are Medicine Retreat.

By Bev Reeler


Elder, wise woman and wild soul, Bev wrote a piece on the magic that entered our field during our recent Women Are Medicine at Kufunda in December. I have chosen to include it here. I hope to write more about our time together, but for now this touches the deep spirit of what moved through us during those few vast days,

How does one capture the stories of those few days?
What we witnessed was just a seed
a small drop of magic that danced the surface of our being
but as time lends depth to the ripple
it moves out in ever widening circles.

What we spoke of, what we danced, what we shared in a sacred way
Echoes back into our lives
carrying with it a growing energy,
a fresh authenticity,
an old/new wisdom reactivating.

We were working at a new edge
we had an agreed intention – to empower the feminine
but no plan
we worked in an organic spiral
willing to change direction
to take the risk
to follow spirit
and dance it into being.


We met together with the forest
on the newly moistened earth
trees and plants bursting with abundant life
the greening earth an endless display of patterns
and clean-washed, ancient rocks
gleaming old colours.

We are part of a dream.

Love to all of you
and in deep gratitude for what you taught me in our few days together
we will meet again.


Women Are Medicine

wam collage

I am returning from a journey. A journey into the mystery and magic of life. I travelled with 25 women (and two children) who all long for a life that is more connected to Mother Earth, to Soul, to the Feminine.

Four of us had called the gathering. Our sense was that our gathering would allow the feminine impulse to manifest through us, allowing the rising feminine an embodied access to our world. Of course she is all around all of us already – but it is our experience (and that of many others too) that she is now seeking to enter the world of humans more fully once more, to inspire and invoke a different way of relating to the world – after centuries of patriarchy, dominion over nature, and an overriding experience of the universe as one massive clockwork.

In coming together as a collective with the specific intention to open to, and express the sacred feminine, we felt that we would throw wide open the gates, allowing more fully what is already flowing through each one of us.

And it feels like this is what we did. It feels like we became a portal for a wondrous power – that is accessible to all humans, but perhaps more easily accessible by women at this time – because it is a deep reconnecting with the mystery, with the earth, the moon, the elements, the flow of life – which all reside in the feminine, whether we inhabit a male or female body.

We danced and swam and laughed and cried – just as we had said we would – and it was a truly magnificent experience.

We hosted the group with the intention to share its gifts fully – and they did. Our time together became a co-created beautiful dance with some offering bio-danza, five rhythms, yoga, voice work, astral travel, body painting, story-telling… and much more and all of us offering our questions and themes for exploration ranging from sacred sexuality, making a life doing what we love, the role of our monthly cycles, and more.

It was powerful, potent, beautiful, magical, mysterious, joyful, sensuous, ceremonious, ordinary and utterly delightful. All those together. It was one of the most healing and fulfilling gatherings. We did not gather to heal, but in how we came together this followed naturally. I gathered with a desire for vision or clarity and I quickly let go of any agenda – realising that it was simply the Is’ness of how we were with each other that was my lesson, the deep imprint on my soul. I know now that we can live a different way and that we can live a different world into being. I saw that if we could simply come together in these ways, deep wisdom would become available to us.

It seems that it is time to stop running so fast – even with good intentions for feeding the hungry and cleaning the rivers… This is not where our salvation lies – faster, more manic attempts at resolution. I saw that to build the container out of which wise action can arise may be one of the most important things we can do at this time. Not as single stand-alone events, but as growing webs of community living, gifting according to each of our gifts, and each of our needs, learning together, and allowing natural rhythms, natural time, spirit, nature and soul to enter us and to work through us.

I felt that if we could live like this – together – we would be wise beyond any of the challenges currently facing us. Trying to solve them all, from this place of mess is such a sad delusion. Perhaps the most radical thing we can do is to stop and to regather ourselves in sacred community, out of which will surely spring wisdom, clarity and the capacity to respond well to the challenges we have wrought for ourselves.

I could share some of my conclusions and insights from the retreat, but i think these are almost arbitrary – I think it will serve more for me to share how we flowed together, the simple structure we followed and what we did as a lesson for new (or ancient) ways of gathering that allow for flow and wisdom and healing.

Stay tuned more to follow…