I am Dancer

I am Dancer
This is who I am
First and foremost – I am Dancer
Before even being woman, mother, lover, community organizer…
I am dancer

And when I let myself dance
The dance flows, jumps, moves into all my roles
All my states of being
Enlivening, Enriching where it goes
And where it opens

I marvel that this knowing could have been lost to me for so many years
For decades it lay in my forgetting
An education
Filling me with many arbitrary facts and figures
Ideas of what success is and how to strive for it
But little space for my Soul to speak and be heard

Thankfully our return to Africa, to Mama Africa, when I was still a young teenager
helped break through into the beginning of a listening
A listening for heart and meaning
A listening for soul

That brought me to co-create
a trans-local learning community of pioneers with friends
And then Kufunda Village with friends and family
And still it was to be years for the listening to finally bring me
from the rich journey of arriving into the work of my heart
To the Movement of my soul

As Dancer

Dancing my Lifeforce
My Prayers
My Grief
My Joy
My Love

I am Dancer

Will you dance with me?

3 thoughts on “I am Dancer

  1. Dear Marianne,
    I had the joy to do meet you at the FLIA program of ALIA in 2012. Since I have read your blogs with much interest. Not so long ago I found a book called “Meditation secrets for Women, by Camille Maurine &Lorin Roche. When reading the first couple of pages I immediately thought of you….They, like you tell us, that women do not stand still when meditating…. they dance and move and use their bodies. So precious..:-)

    warm hug

    1. Dear Pernette,

      Good to read you here. I will look up the book you mention, for I too have heard many times since my dancing began that there is indeed something about the need for movement and embodiment that is particularly true for women. Who knows, it is certainly a deep medicine for me to have discovered the aliveness of the dance in me. I suspect it lives in all of us 😉

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