Who Am I?

Maaianne Knuth Hollesen

Medicine Woman, Re-Wilding Dancer, Friend, Mother, Wife, Lover. None of these can hold everything that I am, but they can point towards the I that I am.

My story bridges Europe and Africa in an arc that travels from Copenhagen, where I studied international business, to Zimbabwe, where I co-founded the exquisite learning centre, Kufunda. Core to Kufunda’s work is enabling rural communities to become strong, empowered agents of their own destiny, using people’s own imagination, collaboration and resources, including biodynamic farming. My work in conscious dance, mindfulness, time in nature and creative process supports individuals in waking to who they are and what they can be within their communities – moving towards a more just and beautiful world..

What fills my days…
  • Building our Kufunda Waldorf Inspired School
  • Turning Kufunda/Knuth Farm into a Biodynamic Farm
  • Hosting life and learning at Kufunda Learning Village
  • Leading programme development in Gateway Zimbabwe – an initiative to reweave the social fabric of Zimbabwe
  • Offering Movement Medicine Classes to adults and children
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