Letting go of a 1000 day commitment…

I have let go of my 1000 day of dance. Eeek. Yes I have. As I write this I feel my heart beating faster, my face flushing. A part of me is so not okay with this. A part of me wants me to continue the 1000 day commitment. To go ALL the Way. ThisContinue reading “Letting go of a 1000 day commitment…”

As we are, such are the times

I recently read a thought-provoking article titled ‘Why Women Still Can’t Have it All.’ It was about a high profile woman (first female director of policy planning at the State Department in the US), who after two years in Washington, decided to return home to her husband and two teenage sons, because there was not enoughContinue reading “As we are, such are the times”

What if being fully human is enough?

I had a conversation with an old friend yesterday. We have been out of touch for a long time, and reconnecting after years was sweet and surprising. We realized that we are both – though of course the same – also very very different today. It is like something quite fundamental has shifted, and somethingContinue reading “What if being fully human is enough?”