Reflections from the first 30 days of Dancing

Actually is it exactly 135 today, but it began as a thirty day ‘challenge’ to myself, and has grown into an integral part of my life and days. I wrote this piece soon after the 30 days were over, and for some reason did not post it, until now. I have come to the endContinue reading “Reflections from the first 30 days of Dancing”

Sacred Permission to Live from My Deepest Feeling Self – Soul Dancing Day 15

Saturday two weeks ago I began to dance. I returned to dance. As I danced this morning I could not quite believe the journey I have traveled in what is really less than a blink of an eye This morning I danced a sacred dance. I danced with the sunrise The still full moon settingContinue reading “Sacred Permission to Live from My Deepest Feeling Self – Soul Dancing Day 15”

Soul Dancing – Day 7 – Entering Sadness

I noticed slight grumpiness, tiredness, irritation and sadness upon waking. And invited by a new friend I took these consciously with me into my dance. I touched the heaviness of my heart. Perhaps underneath the stream of life there is always a little of this – grief for the world we live in, sadness for allContinue reading “Soul Dancing – Day 7 – Entering Sadness”

Journals from a Month of Dancing

August quickened something in me, and the voice that has quietly been whispering to dance, to dance, to dance became more insistent until there was nothing for me to do, but ‘put on my dance shoes’. Those would be my bare feet. Find good music, turn up the volume, empty my house of my familyContinue reading “Journals from a Month of Dancing”