Soul Dancing into Stillness – Day 6

Touching stillness. Slowing down. So intimate this dance.

Even the wild dance of days before is intimate. It is really meeting myself in my body as I move, as I let the music move in me, through me. And yet – in the quieter dance moments, I become more conscious of the intimacy – of the listening to – and meeting myself.

Joy is still there. Such joy. Small moments of quickening. A sense of love flowing. But also simply being with myself in movement. Nothing more, nothing less. Deeply intimate.

Katrin reminded me of something important. The burst of energy and the release of wildness is a meeting of something and someone in me that often I don’t meet. It is connecting to a fundamental aliveness, vibrancy that often lies hidden. What a delight it is to meet that part of myself.

Having touched that – it is then exquisite to move into the place of slow, still connection. Slow, still connection.

Today was slow and still.

With such gratitude for the miracle that is our life – and the teaching and learning that is available everywhere  in every single moment. And right now it is coming home through Dance.

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