Soul Dancing – Day 7 – Entering Sadness

I noticed slight grumpiness, tiredness, irritation and sadness upon waking. And invited by a new friend I took these consciously with me into my dance.
I touched the heaviness of my heart. Perhaps underneath the stream of life there is always a little of this – grief for the world we live in, sadness for all the trees felled, birds dying, life not being exactly as we would like it. I don’t know. But today my dance was mostly Sad. Heavy. Slow.
Slivers of sunshine broke through. I think this is the nature of life. But it felt important to stay with the density of my body, and the feeling of my heart.
The music didn’t always ‘fit’ with what I felt I was feeling J. It reminded me of life – dancing with what is thrown to me, and still remaining True to myself. Dancing with what life brings – even when it jars – and still remaining true to my self and my experience. Not always easy.

And also open to let it (life, the jarring music, whatever it is)  influence me, touch me. In the dance it sometimes took me deeper into sadness, sometimes let me coast on a brief wave of joy that broke through a cheerful piece of music.
Connected – and – True.
As I end this mornings dance I say to myself and to everyone:
Let us be gentle with ourselves. We are birthing a new world.
In this simple act even of just moving our bodies more consciously, listening to them, listening to Life, We are birthing a new world.
Let us be gentle with ourselves.

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