Recalibrating to Life

And so it is dawning on me
that in the Movement
in the Dance
I am re-connecting
– recalibrating if you will –
to the very flow of Life
Synchronising to the pulse and heartbeat
of the living breathing universe
of which I am a part
which I Am

It is both a Physical
and a deeply Spiritual

No longer I as a separate entity,
but instead Flowing into,
once more,
the stream of movement
that all of life is

Perhaps it is so
that as I dance,
following the intelligence of my dancing body
I am integrating, fusing, melting together,
Matter and spirit
as they meet and breathe and dance in me

Perhaps it is always so
but in the movement
I awake to the expression of that communion
I can follow it, without mind, without thought
simply allowing myself
to melt into

The beat, the pulse, the heart of life

Dancing Life

As Life dances me

Photo: Laurie Macpherson

This is my Work – And Yours?

I woke this morning and danced – yet again. It no longer matters how I feel when I wake, the dance calls me to enter. As I whirled with fire and water I found myself thinking how wonderful it is to dance and then to go to work more open and free.

And then I had an insight positively rush through me saying THIS IS YOUR WORK.

Perhaps this is the most important work I have to do at this time. Dance, woman, dance. Dance your soul free. Dance your Self Expression. Dance! Feel your body; touch your spirit; experience grace, power, and life moving through you; Dance!

What a relief. To let go of the labels in fact. That there is my work and then there is my leisure and my dance. No.

This is what I came here to do.

Kufunda is one of those things.
Dance is one of those things.
Loving my children is one of those things.
Touching the earth with reverence is one of those things.
Being a woman is one of those things.
Creating Community is one of those things.
My heart knows – and Loves – those things.

And so when you ask me how work is going? I can honestly say it is whirling, moving, flowing, rising with beauty, grace and potency.

What is your work? What did you come here to Do? What did you come here to Be?

May your day bring you in touch with that – may you Live it in your each moment.

It is your gift to us all.


Back to Soul – Soul Dancing Day 8

Anna Hanschmidt’s Night Time Dream after a day of Tears

Yesterday was a day of Tears. Rivulets, becoming streams, becoming rivers.
That sounds enormous. It wasn’t.
It was raw. But not about enormous feelings.
It was like the heart had cracked open
And found inside only sadness
And longing, deep longing
Sadness for the absence perhaps of that which my soul longs for
And being touched deeply in moments of entering into that
And perhaps a feeling of bereftness for those only being moments.

I don’t dance alone – others are dancing also
In places around the world
And it seems the tears were common to several of us
And this deeper touching into ourselves.
On this particular day.

I include some of their voices….

I danced a wonderful ‘Listen to your Body – Find your Centre’ Tango class… which also made me cry because I felt my centre – and at that instant felt how many times I had not felt it. So on goes the journey. Let us hold each other. I don’t know where my life is heading, my relationship, the place I’m living…  I just know that even if sometimes I can’t see it: I grow more myself each day, and that’s worth all this chaos and not knowing…”

“I had the same, this morning, dear Maaianne. We are connected in this rainbow of Tears. I know I was meant to be a “Dancer of Tears” to live the Mystery of how our Body can serve as a direct connection to deep E-Motions and with this to be deeper alive.”

And another dear friend, in response to the question of “I wonder where this is heading” answered….

“I think… back to our Souls.”

This morning I woke and realized of course there will be tears
And sadness
In returning to our Souls.
I am sure there was joy when the prodigal son returned
But also a sorrow for all the time apart

And so on this Sunday morning
Here is my commitment:
To continue to lean into Dancing my Soul’s Language
(on and off the dance floor)
Touching Nature
Touching Life
Touching Spirit

However Sad,
However ‘whatever’ that it is is ;-).

“I will dance the essence of things….”

“You don’t just dance to move
You dance to make connection to nature
To make connection to Spirit”

Anna Halprin

I will dance the essence of things………