Recalibrating to Life

And so it is dawning on me that in the Movement in the Dance I am re-connecting – recalibrating if you will – to the very flow of Life Synchronising to the pulse and heartbeat of the living breathing universe of which I am a part which I Am It is both a Physical andContinue reading “Recalibrating to Life”

This is my Work – And Yours?

I woke this morning and danced – yet again. It no longer matters how I feel when I wake, the dance calls me to enter. As I whirled with fire and water I found myself thinking how wonderful it is to dance and then to go to work more open and free. And then IContinue reading “This is my Work – And Yours?”

Back to Soul – Soul Dancing Day 8

Yesterday was a day of Tears. Rivulets, becoming streams, becoming rivers. That sounds enormous. It wasn’t. It was raw. But not about enormous feelings. It was like the heart had cracked open And found inside only sadness And longing, deep longing Sadness for the absence perhaps of that which my soul longs for And beingContinue reading “Back to Soul – Soul Dancing Day 8”