Don’t Stop the Music – Soul Dancing Day 10

After days of heavy body – emotionally and physically – today we ripped again. Glorious Sweat. Do you have any idea how utterly glorious it is to feel sweat dripping down your neck, running in your hair? To me it is heavenly. I love how I have moved through different landscapes of my soul andContinue reading “Don’t Stop the Music – Soul Dancing Day 10”

Back to Soul – Soul Dancing Day 8

Yesterday was a day of Tears. Rivulets, becoming streams, becoming rivers. That sounds enormous. It wasn’t. It was raw. But not about enormous feelings. It was like the heart had cracked open And found inside only sadness And longing, deep longing Sadness for the absence perhaps of that which my soul longs for And beingContinue reading “Back to Soul – Soul Dancing Day 8”

Soul Dancing – Day 7 – Entering Sadness

I noticed slight grumpiness, tiredness, irritation and sadness upon waking. And invited by a new friend I took these consciously with me into my dance. I touched the heaviness of my heart. Perhaps underneath the stream of life there is always a little of this – grief for the world we live in, sadness for allContinue reading “Soul Dancing – Day 7 – Entering Sadness”

Soul Dancing into Stillness – Day 6

Touching stillness. Slowing down. So intimate this dance. Even the wild dance of days before is intimate. It is really meeting myself in my body as I move, as I let the music move in me, through me. And yet – in the quieter dance moments, I become more conscious of the intimacy – ofContinue reading “Soul Dancing into Stillness – Day 6”

Dancing Soul – Day 5

Today I entered into madness. But it came from the music. Such MAD music – it almost scared me. Perhaps because I had to surrender to it. Madness when it arises naturally from within is simply nature expressing – wild nature expressing Wildness. What when I am bombarded by mad music and I recoil inContinue reading “Dancing Soul – Day 5”

Dancing Soul – Day 4

Today I noticed how long it takes me to fully enter the dance. Mind stays with me for a while – quite a while. Censoring, judging, the music, the movement, continues to ponder the themes of the day. Busy busy mind And then suddenly suddenly suddenly something shifts – the music, the movement, the soulContinue reading “Dancing Soul – Day 4”

Journals from a Month of Dancing

August quickened something in me, and the voice that has quietly been whispering to dance, to dance, to dance became more insistent until there was nothing for me to do, but ‘put on my dance shoes’. Those would be my bare feet. Find good music, turn up the volume, empty my house of my familyContinue reading “Journals from a Month of Dancing”