Dancing the world more Open

“So here it is – I feel like a shell that I was in has cracked open and the fullness of the world is streaming in to meet me. It comes with so much light, I almost have to keep my eyes a little squinted. Light, love, joy, beauty. I walk past people and loveContinue reading “Dancing the world more Open”

Dancing in the Wild – Soul Dancing Day 45

I have returned from 5 days in the bush. I danced there. Not as long as when I am home, not as fast, but I danced. And I realised that it was a different kind of dance. My listening was different. I thought I would be dancing to the Sounds of Nature – but actuallyContinue reading “Dancing in the Wild – Soul Dancing Day 45”

On Changing the World, or Not – Soul Dancing – Day 23

Yesterday dance and grief merged once again. I had watched Happy Feet with my children. A joyful dancing movie that somehow was so utterly heartbreaking to me at the end. It ends with the humans recognizing the errors of their ways and then they stop over-fishing so the penguins can also eat and live. InContinue reading “On Changing the World, or Not – Soul Dancing – Day 23”

Dance on I say – And Dance Together, Soul Dancing Day 20

This morning I woke and danced alone for half an hour. A pretty awful discombobulated, disembodied dance. Because my mind was nervous, occupied About money – and possibly having just lost a lot of it Surrender to the dance – the music said And yet mind could not, not quite Then 8 beautiful women arrivedContinue reading “Dance on I say – And Dance Together, Soul Dancing Day 20”

Sacred Permission to Live from My Deepest Feeling Self – Soul Dancing Day 15

Saturday two weeks ago I began to dance. I returned to dance. As I danced this morning I could not quite believe the journey I have traveled in what is really less than a blink of an eye This morning I danced a sacred dance. I danced with the sunrise The still full moon settingContinue reading “Sacred Permission to Live from My Deepest Feeling Self – Soul Dancing Day 15”

Dancing Over Boundaries – Soul Dancing Day 13

Today  a small but important barrier was broken. I thought I could not dance in the early morning because I would wake the householdBut I did – DanceAnd I did not – Wake the householdIt meant moving out of the bedroom and into our wonderfully spacious loungeDancing morning danceIn our lounge the trees in the gardenContinue reading “Dancing Over Boundaries – Soul Dancing Day 13”