Journals from a Soul Dancer

The dance continues – it is now 115 days of dance. Each day another dance, another step into a new experience of being Alive.

It has changed my life. I am a different person, woman, body. Weight has been shed, I think it is not only weight, but also emotional density that has loosened and flown away in the movement. My mind and emotions are lighter too. My whole being is full of Joy. Vibrating joy. Light. Space. Invited in as I join in the motion of all things.

Yesterday I read a reading of a psychic friend of mine. It helped me see more clearly why the dancing journey has been so incredible.

“If you can love yourself wildly, then you have done everything that is required to begin, a life of divine expression.”

Angela Deutschmann

We enter our divinity through love. Love for self, and love for Other. Even as we see something that we do not approve of, can we love it? Can we truly love it?

“The only way to miraculously transform or improve or heal something is to love it deeply, exactly as it is. As all of you do that, you are aligning with your god-selves, and that’s why the miracle occurs.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Angela

In the dance I love myself. It is that simple. It is not an intellectual ‘should’. It simply is a feeling of delight, of appreciation for Me, for Being here, in this Body, on this Earth, in This Moment.  In this place gratitude flows, abounds – and the world as I have known it begins to change. Subtly, almost imperceptibly at first, yet profoundly, and here I am 115 days later in love with myself, in love with my life, connected to the land on which I make my home, connecting to my husband in a way that I haven’t before.

The dance  springs from love. Love for myself, love for this body, love for this earth – and knowing in my bones that I have found a practice that keeps me connected to these. I have found a practice that opens my body, my heart, my mind – and let’s the oxygen of love flow through me as barriers dissolve.

Perhaps I should add that the dance is changing. Deepening. Becoming more sacred. Inspired by Movement Medicine, I am now dancing most days a dance in which I invite in and dance with the four elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

I can – literally – dance the world alive. My world. My body. My connection to the earth that holds me, the fire of the sun that burns in my cells, the waters that cleanse, and the wind, the breath of life – that allows me to soar. As I dance, I notice where there is flow and movement, where there is stuckness. I touch it and dance with it. After the dance I marvel at how much I have shifted, moved simply through the grace of the movement of the dance. Creating new space in me. Healing space.

“The moment you realise it doesn’t get better than this, it does. In other words, the moment you let yourself, against all the arguments from your ego, the moment you let yourself fall completely in love with reality as is, the miracle begins. Not because you have earned it, not because you have attracted it, but because you have chosen god-mind.”

“Divine-mind can both love what is completely, and desire something even more beautiful.”

And here I am in a practice that offers me this naturally. Simply. Almost automatically.

I dance on – filled with gratitude for this body that transports me through this life in its fullness and beauty.

Join me?
Join me!

Dancing in the Wild – Soul Dancing Day 45

A place to Dance – A place to Pray – It is All Prayer

I have returned from 5 days in the bush. I danced there. Not as long as when I am home, not as fast, but I danced. And I realised that it was a different kind of dance. My listening was different. I thought I would be dancing to the Sounds of Nature – but actually it was not Sound as much as Connection. Feet on ground, hands touching space, body opening to the sky, turning to the trees, touching earth, feeling breeze.

I think this may be in our dance always but it took being away from music and even other people, to realise that my whole body is an organ for listening. Not only listening through ears, but through skin, and heart, and yes perhaps soul.

It was not easy, and not always sweet. My inner judge and critic showed up ample times. But when she stilled – when I was just there in the dance, with the land – how beautiful. Magical. Even if just for a split second :).

It made me conscious of how incredibly difficult it is to be in that place, of Openness to life. In This Moment. It made me realise how fast I am moving; Mind often one step ahead of This Moment, and so not really in This Moment.

Apart from the lions… Because of course I encountered two male lions about 200 meters from where I had been dancing for 20 minutes or so, on my own! So, apart from the lions, it made me want to explore more of this slowing down to the pace of nature, whilst joining with her in movement;  whilst joining with her in dance; touching her with my palms, as they circle into the sky, out to the trees, down to the earth…

It reminds me of the Anna Halpren documentary titled Breath made Visible.

Dance is…Breath made Visible

The Bush reminded me, that

We don’t need music to Breathe.

And actually we don’t need music to Dance.

Breath and Presence – and there is Dance

Breath and Dance – and there is Presence

Dance and Presence – and there is Breath

surprise encounter
Post Dance Unexpected Encounter. What an adventure this life is.

Post Script:

The day after my Lion Encounter I had a little more nerves in entering the bush to dance. And so my dance became a dance of attending to everything that surrounded me – each sound, each feeling. I whirled around tending, attending, presencing to what was in my field. Slow, Fast, Present. Perhaps because of the adrenaline that truly brought me to Presence – it was one of the most exquisite of my days of learning to dance in nature. It was brief, but it was Potent, Awake.

How to cultivate the gift of Presence, in the Gift of Dance, in the Gift of Breath?