Practice is Integration

I thought I had to return home to integratewrite in my journalreflectharvest nuggets of wisdom I returned to fullnessand so did none of theseI still feel the spaciousness of the phoenixliving with mein my busy days I continued my dancebut slowly, for there was a tiredness in my bonesperhaps that was the integration….(the slowing downContinue reading “Practice is Integration”

Engaging with whatever is, as it is

This morning I woke tired. My dance was heavy, my tummy was achey, my movements slow I judged it. I definitely judged it. I wanted to stop. To dance when I felt better. But thankfully that is not my practice. My practice is simply to dance. Every day, With whatever is… At the end myContinue reading “Engaging with whatever is, as it is”

Opening – to Life Coming Through

I have spent much time during this past weeks feeling full of life, light and joy. Almost too much – like my heart and my whole being might crack with it all. Instead of cracking, it feels like it is e-x-p-a-n-d-i-n-g me instead. I have also been in conversations with people who are not livingContinue reading “Opening – to Life Coming Through”