Practice is Integration

I thought I had to return home to integrate
write in my journal
harvest nuggets of wisdom

I returned to fullness
and so did none of these
I still feel the spaciousness of the phoenix
living with me
in my busy days

I continued my dance
but slowly, for there was a tiredness in my bones
perhaps that was the integration….
(the slowing down to let it all digest, without words or thought)

Yesterday the real meaning of living integration showed itself
As I danced the phoenix again
ah the beauty and the joy of it
a tool, a method, a dance
to work with stories
that no longer serve

That is integration
the continuity of practice
mind needs not be too anxious in getting it all right
body knows, soul knows
and then mind can serve the clarity that can arise from that
powerful combination
The practice, the practice, the practice
All else flows from there

Conversations dominated by Mind

dominated by mind
busy busy busy mind
suddenly it is about convincing
the other
of my view
which is of course
the right

Losing balance
losing centre
blood begins to boil
‘why are you arguing with me?’
‘why do you not see my point?’

Do we even disagree?
finding ourselves arguing fervently
and yet somehow speaking the same
just with difference in nuance

Yet we are still arguing
because mind is divisive
likes to pick apart
break down

And then we stopped.

Sat on the land
touched hands
and returned to be with each other again

This time there was Softness
Open heart
in finding each other
Common ground

Be still
Pray do be still

And let us feel each others breaths
and hearts
and join in that place

In that place
love resides
in that place we are all