Opening – to Life Coming Through

I have spent much time during this past weeks feeling full of life, light and joy. Almost too much – like my heart and my whole being might crack with it all. Instead of cracking, it feels like it is e-x-p-a-n-d-i-n-g me instead. I have also been in conversations with people who are not livingContinue reading “Opening – to Life Coming Through”

This is my Work – And Yours?

I woke this morning and danced – yet again. It no longer matters how I feel when I wake, the dance calls me to enter. As I whirled with fire and water I found myself thinking how wonderful it is to dance and then to go to work more open and free. And then IContinue reading “This is my Work – And Yours?”

Dancing the world more Open

“So here it is – I feel like a shell that I was in has cracked open and the fullness of the world is streaming in to meet me. It comes with so much light, I almost have to keep my eyes a little squinted. Light, love, joy, beauty. I walk past people and loveContinue reading “Dancing the world more Open”

Running with Lions – Vision from the future

Did you know that dance can transport us beyond the realm of the every day? To the land between time. To dream time. To future. To past. We can travel with our souls. Dance can transport us. On this morning, January 1st 2014 I travelled with a small band of warriors. Brave men and womenContinue reading “Running with Lions – Vision from the future”

Dancing on the cliffs

I have just arrived to Ballycastle in Northern Ireland, to be with friends for a New Years retreat. We live right by the wild North Atlantic, and yesterday after arriving we took a walk down to the cliffs at Kilbane. After a while I made my way on my own seeking out a place whereContinue reading “Dancing on the cliffs”

Journals from a Soul Dancer

The dance continues – it is now 115 days of dance. Each day another dance, another step into a new experience of being Alive. It has changed my life. I am a different person, woman, body. Weight has been shed, I think it is not only weight, but also emotional density that has loosened andContinue reading “Journals from a Soul Dancer”

Reflections from the first 30 days of Dancing

Actually is it exactly 135 today, but it began as a thirty day ‘challenge’ to myself, and has grown into an integral part of my life and days. I wrote this piece soon after the 30 days were over, and for some reason did not post it, until now. I have come to the endContinue reading “Reflections from the first 30 days of Dancing”