Dance on I say – And Dance Together, Soul Dancing Day 20

This morning I woke and danced alone for half an hour.
A pretty awful discombobulated, disembodied dance.
Because my mind was nervous, occupied
About money – and possibly having just lost a lot of it
Surrender to the dance – the music said
And yet mind could not, not quite

Then 8 beautiful women arrived
I had invited them yesterday to join me in my morning practice
They arrived half an hour late and I was about to send them away because of this
In fact I did, but then I called them back
What the heck – Let’s dance for half an hour

And we did

And what a glorious dance it was
Mind had no choice but to let go
We delighted in each other, and in our dance
We were playful, we were wild, we were mad, we were silly, we were graceful,
All in just half an hour of coming together to dance
To dance the dance of our bodies

And I lightly hosted us into the dance
And my heart swelled with joy
And positively shouted at me
“This I wish to do more of”

Some of these women will come back in a few weeks to be at Kufunda for 3 months learning to lean into their leadership
And I will dance with them
I will dance with them

Because we ground each other in the dance
Allowing each one of us to go deeper, and further
Than sometimes – we can go alone
And today was one of those times
Where Alone I struggled
And with others I Soared

Money? What Money?

And what of it, really?

2 thoughts on “Dance on I say – And Dance Together, Soul Dancing Day 20

    1. It is hard. And I don’t know the answer to that. But what yesterday showed me was that the energy lost and even clouded by worrying about it, serves no one. And that there is a place where I can lay that down, let it go, as I connect to something beyond it.

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