Don’t Stop the Music – Soul Dancing Day 10

After days of heavy body – emotionally and physically – today we ripped again.

Glorious Sweat.
Do you have any idea how utterly glorious it is to feel sweat dripping down your neck, running in your hair?
To me it is heavenly.

I love how I have moved through different landscapes of my soul and body over the last few days.
Explosive joy, and for a while I believed that if only I dance this is how I can feel.
Piercing clarity. If only we all dance this is how we can all feel.
Then stillness. Ah how sweet this slowing down is. Really Dance is Magic.
Then out of left field – heaviness and heart ache
Sadness and grief even – and then nothing…. ?!?!?!?!?
Ah but wait
Then flow again – release.
And Bang! I have circled round to something that is not quite joy, but just a sweet and vibrant energy of strong expansive expression.
Large, quick, active movements
Of body.

I see that I can’t control what happens
And that although there may be experiences
That I prefer
None is really better than the other
Sadness has given birth to resolve, to clarity, and to depth of feeling
Joy births wings
Anger births clarity
Can I welcome them all?

And trust that they are transient
This too will change

I almost didn’t dance today.
It is my children’s birthday.
Instead we all danced.
We all danced :).
Even my husband came in the end.
And Danced.

We ended with quiet music,
And my body showed me
How beautifully it can move between Speed
And Stillness
Just like it has moved
Between Sadness and Joy
Exuberance and Frustration

In the still movement
Everything Feels More
Feels closer
Attention expands –
From expansive Movements
To expansive and quiet and clear

That we move through
That we can move through

Neither is my soul
Neither the sadness
Nor the joy
… Landscapes

I wonder what is underneath the landscapes
What remains, when all else falls away.

I will take this question with me
Ponder it, let it enter me
Just like the landscapes of the days past have

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